Satellite Images Applications in Natural Resources and Engineering

In our projects and education we are using satellites like Sentinel and Landsat (free images) and high resolution commercial satellites like KOMPSAT series of satellites. 


KOMPSAT satellites are capable of recording the same area twice a day - once in the morning and once more in the evening.


Some Applications of Remote Sensing in Natural Resources

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Water Balance of River Basins

Existing satellites allow determination of the water balances of river basins.

When the data obtained from the satellite are used in mathematical models, each component of the water balance can be precisely determined.

After that, for ex. the amount of the deposit reaching a particular accumulation or lake can be determined and better water resources management for river basins can be accomplished.

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Satellites in Agriculture

Using satellites in agriculture can lead to multiple benefits - detection of diseases, lack of nutrients, better irrigation managment all leading to increase crop yield.

In this area we've worked with and educated basically all major Ag companies, such as Al Ravafed (10000 ha), MK Group and Delta Agrar in SE Europe. 

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Monitoring of Natural Disasters

Predicting disturbances and assessing impact on ecosystems:

  • Wildfires

  • Insect infestations and related disease outbreaks

  • Extreme climate events (floods, drought...)

We are using both commercial (KOMPSAT 2, 3, 3A, 5) high resolution satellites and non-commercial lower resolution satellite images (Sentinel, Aster, Landsat...).

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Application of Satellites in Geology and Mining

The application of satellite images in geology and mining has many advantages. Many areas are inaccessible for direct research, and with one satellite image it is possible to analyze a large area.

Analysis of the lineaments as well as the analysis of the dip and dip angles of the strata is a frequent application in geology.  For mining it is the production of 3D terrain models.

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Application of Satellites in Air Quality Monitoring

The use of satellite images in air quality monitoring and air resources managment is widespread in the United States and China.

By zooming the picture on the left, you can see the "black spots" which represent SO2 (sulfur dioxide) concentration levels.

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Determination of Surface Water Quality by Satellites

The picture on the left is a satellite image showing the distribution and number of phytoplankton on an artificial reservoir in SE Europe.

​Satellite images processed this way are of great help in the monitoring and rehabilitation of lakes. With the help of modeling tools such images can be used to calibrate models and predict the state of a lake or an artificial reservoir.

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