• Dragan Kaludjerovic

Why it is important in hydrogeology to know GIS and remote sensing?

This satellite image above is taken over northern part of Serbia from Sentinel 2A satellite in 1st part of the 2016. It has false color that emphasis the agricultural fields.

Software like QGIS is open source software (FREE in simple words) and it is being used all around the world in different areas including hydrogeology. Also, satellites images like LANDSAT, Sentinel 2A and ASTER are now free for all users around the world.

Use it in your hydrogeology investigation and research! Here are some examples of published papers on this subject:

Sander, P., 2007. Lineaments in groundwater exploration: a review of applications

and limitations. Hydrogeol. J. 15, 71-74.

Tweed, S.O., Leblanc, M., Webb, J.A., Lubczynski, M.W., 2007. Remote sensing and GIS for mapping groundwater recharge and discharge areas in salinity prone

catchments, SE Australia. Hydrogeol. J. 15, 75-96.

Leblanc, M., Favreau, G., Tweed, S., Leduc, C., Razack, M., Mofor, L., 2007. Remote sensing for groundwater modelling in large semiarid areas: Lake Cad Basin, Africa. Hydrogeol. J. 15, 97-100.

D. Oikonomidis, S. Dimogianni, N. Kazakis, K. Voudouris, 2015. GIS/Remote Sensing-based methodology for groundwater potentiality assessment in Tirnavos area, Greece, Journal of Hydrology

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