• Dragan Kaludjerovic

Use FREE QGIS to download and manipulate FREE satellite images from LANDSAT, Sentinel 2a and ASTER

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

Satellite image from Sentinel 2a above Macedonia in March 2016

Remote sensing is playing important part of geology, hydrogeology and environmental protection projects. Of course, there are others areas of science like agriculture that can benefit from remote sensing data.

To learn to download and manipulate satellite images you do not need expensive software: FREE QGIS program can allow you to download and manipulate FREE satellite images from LANDSAT 8, Sentinel 2a and ASTER (free from 1st april). Is that amazing!

In our online courses, depending on your previous knowledge of remote sensing and/or QGIS you can learn to do above mention for 1 to 6 hours. The whole course is online via Skype and it is delivered according to your convenient schedule.

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