• Dragan Kaludjerovic

Remote Sensing and Groundwater Modeling, more insight with references….

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

Application of Remote Sensing in hydrogeology and geology is widespread, its main advantage is coverage of large area including hard to access areas. It can also provide different spatial, temporal and spectral data. Remote sensing is observing land surface and in order to get usable info about  subsurface link between surface and subsurface observation must be established.

Use of Remote Sensing data in groundwater modeling is obvious: for groundwater modeling data we need spatially distributed input data which are usually gathered from point measurements and from remote sensing we get spatially distributed data.

As remote sensing application in groundwater modeling is often misunderstood the best way to learn is to read and analyze previous published papers in respectable journals and magazines. After doing some research, I have found papers that can be useful for understanding application of remote sensing techniques in groundwater modeling.

Brunner P., Hendricks Franssen H-J., Kgotlhang L., Bauer-Gottwein P.,  Kinzelbach W., 2007. How can remote sensing contribute in groundwater modeling? Hydrogeol. J. 15: 5–18. DOI 10.1007/s10040-006-0127-z

Leblanc M., Favreau G., Tweed S.,  Leduc C., Razack M., Mofor L., 2007. Remote sensing for groundwater modelling in large semiarid areas: Lake Chad Basin, Africa.  Hydrogel. J. 15: 97–100. DOI 10.1007/s10040-006-0126-0

Teeuw M. R., 1995. Groundwater exploration using remote sensing and a low-cost geographical information system. Hydrogel. J. v. 3, no. 3.

Zeeb C., Göckus D., Bons P., Al Ajmi H., Rausch R., Blum P., 2010. Fracture flow modelling based on satellite images of the Wajid Sandstone, Saudi Arabia. Hydrogel. J. 18: 1699 –1712. DOI 10.1007/s10040-010-0609-x

If you and your company find one or several papers interesting and you do not have experience in remote sensing and/or groundwater modeling you can visit my training page for more info on these topics. Here is the link

Soon, InSAR application in hydrogeology and mining is coming on my blog, stayed tuned!



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