• Dragan Kaludjerovic

Game changer in groundwater modeling. Do not believe? Take a look this post and link to YT video

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

In my blog I was writing several times about great software for 3D geology modeling – 3D Geomodeller. More about it, including two webinars, you can find on my link

I was always wondering how that great 3D Geology modeling, basis for conceptual model, can be translated to groundwater flow model. Finally, answer come from programmers of 3 D Geomodeller! Now it is possible to export complex 3D geology model from 3D Geomodeller directly to FeFlow flow model!

How it is done, now it is available to see for all, just take a look this 12 minute video clip that is made available on YouTube

If you become interested I can make you presentation of 3D Geomodeller via Skype. Even more, just mentioning this post you can get 3% price from regular price of 3D Geomodeller.

I am really exciting about this advancement and hope that you will share it.



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