• Dragan Kaludjerovic

Building complex 3D geological models – European GeoModeller meeting in France was held

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

From 18th-20th November in France, Orleance, GeoModeller meeting was held. GeoModeller is software for 3Dcomplex geology modeling that can be later translated to hydrogeology models.

In order to better informed you what was presented on the meeting, on your request we can send you following 4 presentations in PDF format:

  1. Geological and hydrogeological modelling of the Swiss central Jura

  2. Using 3D Geomodeller to build a hydrogeological 3D model of a geologically complex area Picos de Europa karst massif, Spain

  3. Geological Modeling of the Kasserine aquifer system, Central Tunisia

  4. Quantitative Assessment of the value added to regional groundwater model predictions by airborne geophysical surveys

If you are interested in 3D Gemodeller presentations just contact us and we will send you it.

More about program for building complex geology and hydro geology models you can see on our web site link



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