Project highlights

Continuously active since 1995, Environmental Modeling Solutions is a recognized leader in the hydrological sciences and technology. Operating worldwide from our office in Europe and the USA we have developed innovative solutions for our valued clients in the private business, municipal, and international development sectors.


Example projects are shown below.

Location: USA
Project Type: Sediment Texture Analysis
Summary: Optimal siting of managed aquifer recharge basins

Location: Central Asia
Project Type: Sustainable Water Supply 
Summary: Feasibility evaluation and optimal siting of managed aquifer recharge systems

Location: USA
Project Type: Hydrogeologic Investigation, Water Supply Enhancement
Summary: Water supply exploration including lithologic analysis, geophysical investigation

Location: USA
Project Type: Municipal Water Supply Enhancement 
Summary: Hydrogeologic exploration, well installation oversight, geophysical testing

Location: Iraq
Project Type: environmental investigation
Summary: Passive soil gas sampling was used to determine extent of soil and groundwater contamination in operating petrochemical refinery

Location: USA
Project Type: Groundwater Quality Investigation
Summary: Comprehensive hydrogeologic investigation in remote region

Location: USA
Project Type: Public Water Supply, Expansion of manage aquifer recharge program
Summary: Engineering evaluation, optimal site selection for managed aquifer recharge

Location: Serbia
Project Type: PEST training course for 15 participants
Summary: A five-day techncial short course/training on techniques and principles of mathematical computer groundwater modeling, model calibration and uncertainty prediction was presented at national university

Location: USA
Project Type: Groundwater Quality Investigation 
Summary: Hydrogeologic investigation including well design, installation, sampling and testing

Location: Cyprus
Project Type: Groundwater flow modeling for SAT
Summary: Soil Aquifer Treatment is proposed for waste water treatment based on groundwater flow modeling

Location: Macedonia
Project Type: Water supply 3D modeling
Summary: Regional 3D MODFLOW model was built to determine an optimal location and capacity for a well field (capacity = 1000 l/s)

Location: USA
Project Type: Water Supply Well Quality Control
Summary: Engineer’s representative to ensure contract quality control of municipal water well

Location: USA
Project Type: Glacial Outwash Aquifer Investigation
Summary: Hydrogeologic investigation, sampling, and mapping

Location: Serbia
Project Type: 3D geological modeling training
Summary: Training on 3D geological modeling with software 3D Geomodeller was done at national university

Location: Central Serbia
Project Type: tate of art uncertainty analysis of local groundwater source (190-320 l/s)
Summary: Null Space Monte Carlo technique was applied to precisely determine capacity of well field.

Location: Spain
Project Type: ONLINE course on mathmatical computer modeling of seawater intrusion 
Summary: Prepared and presented the principle theory and practical techniques of mathmatical computer modeling of seawater intrusion using SEAWAT.


We've got some exciting projects we are pleased to share with you. Check our list below.

Recent Project: Phase I of feasibility study of Aquifer and Storage Recovery in Belgrade limestone

Recent Project: Assessment of permeable reactive barrier in nitrate remediation in Pozarevac city in Serbia

Recent Project: Work with confidential company from Spain about sea water intrusion simulation with SEAWAT and Groundwater Vistas