MODFLOW Beginners Course

MODFLOW Beginners Course

119 USD per hour      ~ 6h



  • Overview and fundamentals of MODFLOW

  • History and applications of MODFLOW and MODPATH

  • Review of numerical grids, boundary conditions, solvers, etc.

Case Studies:

  • Review of case studies applying MODFLOW, MODPATH and MT3DMS


Model Development:

  • Construction of a simple MODFLOW model with MODPATH.

  • Numerical design, two boundary conditions, constant head, river, well, well head capture, drain, changing boundary condition type

  • Construction of a real world case model, assigning no flow and river boundary conditions, importing top and bottom of aquifer in model

  • Moving into the third dimension, 5 layer model, transient simulation


Model Calibration:

  • Calibration of models using a real case study, applying PEST and the pilot point method of calibration


We've got some exciting projects we are pleased to share with you. Check our list below.

Recent Project: Phase I of feasibility study of Aquifer and Storage Recovery in Belgrade limestone

Recent Project: Assessment of permeable reactive barrier in nitrate remediation in Pozarevac city in Serbia

Recent Project: Work with confidential company from Spain about sea water intrusion simulation with SEAWAT and Groundwater Vistas