ArcGis Course

ArcGis Course

80 USD per hour      ~ 8h

The 1 on 1 course for QGIS (it is FREE GIS) is lasting about 8 hours and it is followed by recorded video material. It is intended for complete beginners. A lot of additional info is received in form of different pdf’s.

Here some more info about GIS course:

  • It is done via Skype, ON LINE, with ArcGis

  • Here is what we will do for course:

    • 1st class – ArcCatalog

    • 2nd class – Basic interface in ArcGis

    • 3rd class – Georeferencing of maps

    • 4th and 5th class – Digitizing maps (two hours)

    • 6th class – preparing for final drawings and printing

    • 7th class – raster manipulation, Spatial Analyst, preparing for making aquifer vulnerability maps

  • With course you will get different and carefully chosen text and video material. Also, you need to purchase one book about GIS (about 80 USD) in which you will get copy of ArcGis for free for 6 months and a lot of video material so you can practice on your own.


We've got some exciting projects we are pleased to share with you. Check our list below.

Recent Project: Phase I of feasibility study of Aquifer and Storage Recovery in Belgrade limestone

Recent Project: Assessment of permeable reactive barrier in nitrate remediation in Pozarevac city in Serbia

Recent Project: Work with confidential company from Spain about sea water intrusion simulation with SEAWAT and Groundwater Vistas